Thank you for support

On March 30, Linda Carol Greenspan Kirtz left this life. You may have known her as a dear friend, an en plein air pastel artist, a student of natural horsewomanship, the Tarot Lady at the Farmers’ Market, a Zumba buddy, a strength training member or perhaps a member of SGI, Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist organization focussed on world peace and following the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin, a 13th-century Japanese priest.

Linda died at home with hospice care after the failure of an open heart surgery that she hoped would bring a few more decades of increased health and vigor. The surgery attempted to repair a rare birth defect that nevertheless sustained her through 76 years and included many years of mountaineering in the Cascades. Unfortunately the combination of an unexpected autoimmune like reaction to the surgery, the failure to correct the main heart problem because of the complexity of her heart structure and her MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) that did not permit the use of some medications resulted in further heart failure as well as other organ failures.

Her passing was heartbreakingly beautiful and she remained the wise, graceful, kind and radiant woman we all know her as. She decided to take the medicine that would end her life so that she did not suffer the consequences of dying from increasing water retention. The so-named Death with Dignity option was very important for her to ease her passing and also helping to ease us, her family, in preparing to live without her.

We are so grateful for the help from Hospice of the Northwest in their care for her and our family. Personally, I wish to thank our daughter, Elli, her wife Jill, my grandson Owen, Janet (Linda’s sister), Lisa (Linda’s niece), all of my Oddfellow brothers and all my other friends for their kindnesses,

love and support through this terribly beautiful time.

Blessings as we all heal and find peace and renewal in this dance of grief.

Che Blaine and family

Orcas Island