Thank you for support | Letter

We are writing to express our sincere thanks to all of you in the community and throughout the County that have supported the San Juan Community Home Trust in our pursuit of the Argyle Lot Project. We have been awe struck by the outpouring of support from friends, neighbors, organizations, and others on San Juan Island and the other CLTs on Orcas and Lopez. Thank you very much!

We are pleased to report that the County Council has voted to direct staff to begin negotiations with the Home Trust on this very important project for the community. Now the real work begins, and we look forward to working with you all to complete the planning, design, and construction of 40+ permanently affordable rental units on the Argyle lot in downtown Friday Harbor. It clearly takes a dedicated community to undertake a major project such as this and you have shown that we are one. Thank you again for your support.

Jim Goetz

HT Board President

Amanda Lynn

HT Executive Director