Thank you for guest column on airport | Letters

It was a relief to read Clark Cundy’s guest column in last week’s Sounder (Aug. 15, 2018, Vol. 51, No. 33, Page 12). As an Orcas resident, small business owner, and active community member I have struggled a bit trying to make sense of the proposed changes to the Airport Master Plan, as have other locals that I have spoken with. Mr. Cundy has done us all a great service, I believe, by outlining in succinct and unemotional terms a practical path through the decision-making that we are facing as a community.

I would encourage my friends and neighbors to read or re-read his letter and consider the wisdom of a measured approach to slowing down and solving this problem with an eye to common sense. What we need first and foremost is a realistic plan that addresses our needs for a rural community airport, and I applaud Mr. Cundy’s straightforward and unambiguous proposal toward getting to this point.

I would encourage our port commissioners to respond in kind either individually or as a group with their own views and ideas and to address the legitimate concerns of the community. The only way to resolve this contentious Port Master Plan issue is with an open, realistic and productive civic dialogue.

Peter Carlson