Thank you for efforts in Olga | Letter

I would like to take this time in celebration of the Olga Store. Through the efforts of the Olga community, it is being reborn and will again, be part of the community of Olga. But I must remember the part the Olga Store had in the lives of my children, their cousins and aunts. The Stolmeier family benefited from the many summers they spent dipping ice cream, making lattes and working the sandwich machine producing the famous Olga Store sandwiches. Yes, their wrists hurt from dipping ice cream but they shared so many lasting memories. Aunt Criss and Aunt Mayr managed the gang of cousins and friends, enabling them to learn many lessons about working as a team and how to communicate with customers. Not to mention how to make the now family favorite fresh scones with raspberry scone butter. My son, Matt, managed the store many summers and built a lasting relationship with the Olga Community. Life lessons in how to manage a small business has benefited him in many ways.

Thank you, Uncle Pat and the community of Olga. LONG LIVE THE OLGA STORE!

Susan Stolmeier

Orcas Island