Thank you for Doe Bay Fest | Letter

Dear Orcas Neighbors,

Thank you for welcoming the visitors we invited to Orcas for our annual Doe Bay Fest. It was a wonderful experience with innumerable memories made. We work hard to minimize any negatives, and to maximize the positive impacts. As I announce from the stage, “Our neighbors didn’t do anything to deserve us, so please respect them.” We hope our guests followed that advice.

We also encourage everyone who attends to patronize fellow local businesses. We employ dozens of locals and have a large local volunteer force. Our beer garden sales support an island charity and we offer bargain tickets to island residents. If we missed the mark on any details, we thank you for your patience and understanding. If you haven’t been to Doe Bay Fest yet, please come next year. There is something for everyone.

We also invite you to come and experience Doe Bay Resort. We have a locals program for access to the spa. We host small events, year-round, involving art, music, literature and food. Doe Bay Café is one of the great places to eat on Orcas, and our Thursday open mics are a highlight of the week.

If you see me or my wife Maureen in the café or on the grounds, please say hello and let us know what you think. Owning (or being temporary stewards of) Doe Bay has been one of the great adventures of our life. It is not without its challenges, but it has exceeded our expectations.

Joe and Maureen Brotherton

Doe Bay