Thank you for care | Letters

A huge thank you to the considerate Orcas Community, Orcas Family Health Center and Peace Health St. Joseph’s Hospital.

As many of you are aware, last week I broke my hip, or more precisely, I had an intertrochanteric fracture of my femur. I have now recovered to the point where I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those who have contacted me with well wishes and volunteering to assist.

New Year’s Day dawned with spectacular weather. I flew to Bellingham to get some fuel and slipped as I was getting onto the wing. On landing, I knew I had broken my hip. Another pilot called EMS.

I was taken to Peacehealth St. Joseph’s where X-rays confirmed the diagnosis. The pain was incredible. I had surgery the next day and started on therapy. After the fracture and surgery, I became critically anemic. Therapy has become more difficult due to weakness and shortness of breath (imagine trying to exert yourself at 20,000 feet). Also, the pain continues to be significant which further impedes my ability to do physical therapy. Sunday I was discharged to my sister’s condo in Stanwood where I am now and have received excellent care, but progress is slow.

The care I received at St. Joe’s was fabulous. The surgeon was very personable and skilled. The nursing staff and therapists, all wonderful. Also, the staff at Orcas Family Health Center has really stepped up to deal with this unfortunate situation. My deepest appreciation to all staff. Karen Orr, PA-C, and Jennifer Utter, PA-C, have masterfully dealt with the increased patient load. The office staff has had to field many phone calls and rearrange a multitude of items. As Jim Dingman apparently put it, they are demonstrating “grace under fire,” and I am very grateful for their abilities.

I have been contacted by countless folks from Orcas with well wishes, very heartfelt and humbling. I can’t thank you enough. I have no idea when I will be able to return to work. It all depends on my progress with therapy.

David Shinstrom

Orcas Family Health Center