Thank you, Corey | Letters

I was lucky enough to have Corey Wiscomb as my basketball coach for the four years I spent at Orcas Island High School. Corey helped make me a hardworking competitor. Right now I am at college, and I credit a lot of who I am to Corey.

Corey was an invigorating coach who brought us together as a team and pushed us to be the best. I remember my junior year I was coming off the bench and did not have the most confidence in my jump shot. It was the end of the second half, and he came over to me and said something along the lines of, “Hayden, you are going to go spot up in the right corner (right in front of the Friday Harbor bench). Jordan is going to drive middle, dish you the ball, and you are going to sink a three.” That is exactly what happened. He had more confidence in me than I did. Corey is the best coach I have ever had. I graduated, got into my dream school and am proud of who I am. I credit a large part of that to Corey.

I know that Orcas athletics may be losing a great coach, but the island will still enjoy the greatness of Corey Wiscomb. All that I would say to Corey if I were back home is, “Thank you for giving me my greatest memories of high school.”

Hayden Simpson

Orcas Island/U.S. Air Force Academy