Letter to the editor

Technology and capital projects levy helps district | Letter

We are writing in support of the 2021 Technology and Capital Projects levy on the upcoming April 27th ballot. This levy replaces the one approved in 2014 that expired last year, at a time when the District’s teachers, staff and students are reliant on technology for school.

When the public school closed last March because of the pandemic, we experienced a steep learning curve in the pivot to remote learning. The District, with the help of community organizations, worked to ensure teachers, staff and students had computers to use at home and reliable internet access while tackling the challenge of adapting the curriculum for online delivery.

We have watched our children become comfortable using computers for daily check-ins with their teachers and participating in virtual classrooms, including art and music. They have become adept at using different software and apps to communicate with teachers and to complete homework projects. We see the potential for technology to be used in a careful, integrated and meaningful way in the public school. We also value the importance of cultivating technology savvy and good habits. These are useful skills for all students as they will likely navigate technologically-driven realities wherever life takes them.

Funds from this levy will provide for essential renewals and upgrades to systems, software and equipment. It will help the District maintain access to technology, staff training, digital curriculum and technology-based resources for the delivery of public education, safely, securely and reliably. Please vote “yes” for this levy.

Sharon Ho and Matt Vaccarella

Orcas Island