Support Rob Nou for Sheriff

I believe it is time for long overdue change within the Sheriff’s office and that is why I am supporting Rob Nou for County Sheriff. There are divisions within the department that have been encouraged by the current leadership (as evidenced by the letter wars waged during the primary) that need to be repaired to ensure that the citizens of this county receive the kind of service they deserve from the men and women whose focus should be on serving the public they have sworn to protect. I believe that the candidate best suited to do this is Rob Nou.

There are some who believe that because Rob is relatively new to the area he is not ready to be our County Sheriff. I believe that it is precisely because of this that he will be able to bring a much needed new perspective to this office.

San Juan County is faced with decreasing revenues and the Sheriff’s Department will be challenged with finding ways to deal with this. I believe Rob has the background and management experience to be able to find ways to work with these diminishing resources and still provide the level of service this county deserves.

After spending time talking with Rob and listening to his ideas I am convinced that he is the best candidate for the job. I will be voting for Rob Nou and encourage others to do the same.

Jeff Morris

Orcas Island