Support for zero waste | Letters

I am encouraged by our island’s efforts and the youth initiatives for Zero Waste Week. I have for a long time been quite concerned with the amount of plastic we generate, especially single-use disposable plastic, and its impact on our environment. I am disheartened when I walk on Crescent Beach with a bag, collecting plastic.

So I was delightfully surprised a few weeks ago when our server at Island Skillet came out with the creamer in a little pitcher, instead of the little single servings in plastic (which most people use several of in one sitting). I would love to see all restaurants on Orcas forego plastic serving items (straws, single servings of jam, creamer, plastic cups, etc.). I would love to see our many fundraising, celebratory and other events eschew plastic as well (cups, utensils, etc.). Then we on Orcas would be doing our part in our little corner of the world to make a difference. And before restaurants are able to make that switch, what if we as individual patrons begin to ask for it?

Let’s join our youth in being leaders in the work to reduce and reverse the damage we humans do to our home.

Annette Bader