Support for OPALCO board member Rick Christmas | Letter

I am writing this letter encouraging the OPALCO membership to vote for the re-election of Rick Christmas to another term representing District 2, Orcas Island.

As an Orcas Island resident since 1998, Rick has a clear understanding of the needs and challenges of our island community.

Rick eagerly embraces the OPALCO values of providing safe, clean, reliable and affordable service to its customers. He has demonstrated skills at problem-solving, communication and the development of strong relationships.

These attributes were recently on display as he was the liaison between the County Sheriff, OPALCO and Fire/EMS resulting in a long overdue and critical improvement in emergency communications.

And, I think it’s fair to note that Rick — a “non-engineer” as he described himself in the candidate forum held on March 9, 2023 — may offer a bit of a different perspective during OPALCO board deliberations and discussions. I suggest you view the March 9, 2023, candidate forum at for more information about the candidates.

Tim Fuller

Orcas Island