Summer safety for people and pets | Letter

As the sparkle of fireworks fades, there are a couple of courtesies that we should observe in order to be good neighbors to one another. Number one is: if you are a cyclist – I too am a cyclist – and a car approaches behind you, especially large trucks, do everyone a favor and just stop for a breather rather than battling for your perceived portion of the usable narrow road space. Your cardio is not worth causing a safety issue over, and it’s about safety for everyone on the road.

Now, second summer courtesy point, really basic stuff here, save shady parking spots for pet owners: plain and simple. Sure it’s nice to know your car will be cool after lunch, but what of the poor dog parked in direct sun because you had to take that spot for yourself?

One more important safety point for my fellow cyclist: please ride single file on your side of the white line in groups of two or more. Unless you are actively seeking suicide by auto, there is no need to ride side by side on the auto traffic side of the line in a blind turn – or at all for that matter. Yes, Orcas is beautiful, but if so, pull over for a photo and a breather. Talking about it while wobbling down the center of the road is a hazard, plain and simple. Be considerate and observe road safety. We all have our part of the road. All we have to do is use that space responsibly, and yes, many will argue I am not the best driver, and although this may be true, the points I make are still valid.

So have a good, safe, fun, sunburned summer. Lots of folks out and about this year.

It seems appropriate that the sheriff’s department distill these basic concepts into an official safety announcement in the paper during the summer months in hope that visitors get on board with the local concepts of road safety and pet courtesy.

Dave Dunlap

Orcas Island