Stay on proper side of the road

“Over the Line” could be the title of this reminder to Orcas Island drivers. Twice in the last five days I have been alarmed by an approaching car that drifted across the yellow line into my lane of traffic.

In both instances the driver was talking on a cell phone. It is my understanding that it is against the State of Washington law to use a hand-held cell phone while driving a motor vehicle.

Should this practice continue unabated, it is only a matter of time before that head-on collision will occur on Orcas.

A reminder to drivers to be alert for “over the line” drives coming at you, and a request to those “drifters” to pay attention to the road and not the phone call. None of us want a head-on collision. That could ruin your whole day or your life.

Elsie McFarland

Orcas Island