Stand Up Men update

Stand Up Men chose April, Sexual Assault Month, to launch a campaign to dramatically upgrade SAFE San Juans’ in-school and community prevention education programs. SAFE’s mission is to make our community and youth free from sexual assault and domestic violence.

Stand Up Men’s fundraising goal for SAFE this year is to raise $45,000 to support the underfunded and most critical sexual assault and domestic violence prevention education program in our county. SAFE’s main priority is to provide prevention education to our youth, their teachers, parents and caregivers as well as our entire community. With these funds, students and adults will learn how to detect and correct unhealthy behavior while they are simultaneously learning how best to create healthy relationships. By doing so, we, as a community, are able to effectively identify and deal with early symptoms of sexual assault and domestic violence before situations escalate and become more significant problems in our community.

Stand Up Men looks forward to more Stand Up Men and Stand Up Businesses as well as other supporters joining with us to stand against domestic violence and sexual assault in the San Juans. More information is available at or call SAFE at 360-378-8680

Juan, Scott, Ron and Larry

On behalf of Stand Up Men