Sign hospital district petition | Letter

You have probably been hearing about a petition circulating on Orcas in order to create a “Healthcare Services District.”

By Washington state law, this measure will be called a Public Hospital Tax District; however, that term applies to any district that provides healthcare services; it has nothing to do with creating a hospital on Orcas.

Signing the petition to put the Healthcare Service District on a ballot does NOT mean you endorse the measure. The petition is part of the democratic process in allowing our community to put forth an initiative for all to consider. It means that you, like me, are hoping to have a community dialogue as to how we can best address our heath care needs today and into the future. We must have a discussion as to how we want to ensure quality primary and urgent care for all of our citizens. That discussion will form the tenets of a proposed new taxing district. I want my voice heard as to how we can move forward with a healthcare plan for everyone. To that end, I plan on signing the petition and being part of this important conversation. I hope you will join me.

Janet Brownell

Orcas Island