Show care and respect when driving | Letter

When walking from my home, virtually atop Flaherty’s hill to Eastsound I was very appreciative of the new boundary white lining and the very bright central double yellow lines that have very recently been renewed. There are several tight bends on the section between my home and the bottom of Flaherty’s, and on at least one the white lines on the ascent side particularly had completely worn away. As most will be aware, the verges bordering Olga Road are skimpy at most and in places almost totally lacking, so as a walker, the white lines are both a modicum of security and protection.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed that even whilst the white lining had been tacky and new, not one, not two but a seemingly endless stream of vehicles had decided to cut the corners, leaving clear evidentiary trails of their apparent inability to stay within the prescribed bounds.

There has been much complaining on Orcas about cyclists recently – how they suddenly appear in front of cars traveling along winding roads or navigating blind corners, yet apparently certain drivers seem unwilling to keep within their own lane in order to have some chance of avoiding what would be a severe if not fatal collision.

Naturally, the residents will blame the tourists, but I’m sorry to say that is not factual. Whilst walking I see cars constantly cutting blind corners and the vast majority of the drivers are locals.

I have no notion how this can be resolved but am afraid that some tragedy will have to occur before people appreciate that using excessive speed and showing a lack of care is irresponsible, antisocial and quite possibly homicidal.

Trevor A Welford

Orcas Island