Sheriff’s deputies endorse Rob Nou


Now that the primary is over we have two candidates left in the race for San Juan County Sheriff. Both men bring a great deal of experience and law enforcement background to the campaign. It is our opinion that Rob Nou should be the candidate elected to the position of San Juan County Sheriff.

As sheriff’s deputies, we all have experience working with both candidates. Indeed the challenge of this choice is that Deputy Nou and Detective Johnson are well liked and respected members of the San Juan Sheriff’s Department. For this and other reasons we do not cavalierly endorse a candidate; this is not a decision to be made with casual consideration.

The county services and the programs we pay for with our taxes are in the midst of trying times. Over the next few years it is going to take seasoned experience and well reasoned insight to simply stabilize the Sheriff’s department we have today. As Deputy Sheriffs, we hope for the opportunity to be forward thinking and progressive; enabling us to deliver the kind of policing service the county needs and wants well into the future. For these reasons it is critical that you cast your vote for Rob Nou. He is simply the right choice for our Sheriff.

Most communities have the ability to attract high caliber candidates from outlying areas. We do not have that luxury in San Juan County; the geographic boundaries make the recruitment of highly qualified and successful individuals difficult at best. As a body of concerned voters we are in an amazingly fortunate position to elect just such a candidate.

Rob Nou’s resume includes decades of supervision and management experience, which will be available to San Juan County. He has thousands of hours of advanced training and education in the field of law enforcement; much of it through the prestigious FBI National Academy. This fact speaks of a continuing and unparalleled commitment to a goal of personal and professional excellence. We feel this is a real opportunity for San Juan County; for today as well as far into the future. We would like to see the force of Rob Nou’s commitment at work in San Juan County.

To quote Rob Nou, “I don’t think of this as a job. It is more of a calling.”

Please vote to elect Rob Nou for the next Sheriff of San Juan County.

Sgt. Steve Vierthaler

Jim Tyrrell

Herb Crowe

Scott Taylor

Jeff Patterson

Bruce Distler

Nikki Rogers

Doug Maya

Sheriff’s Deputies