Shepler for Fire Commission

As the recipient of many visits following a 911 call, I have had the good fortune to see Patrick Shepler in action and get to know him as a friend. I urge my fellow citizens and voters to vote for him for the position of SJC Fire Protection District No. 2 Commissioner No. 2

Patrick has a significant background, training first as an EMT, then further training as a paramedic, and spending 41 years as a paramedic. He is always kind, helpful and very knowledgeable; someone you immediately know you can trust to give you the most effective care possible and to keep you calm and assured that you are in good hands. I was always impressed with his quick decisions, and how he treated his fellow crewmen with respect; assigning them jobs, thanking them for their help and in all ways showing his trust in them as part of the team. I believe the public would be well treated to have him in the position he is running for, and again urge that he get the votes to become a Fire Commissioner.

Janice B. Hall

Eastsound resident