Serious questions for the animal shelter board | Letter

I just returned from the Orcas Animal Shelter, where I went to see Marsha Waunch on her last day as director of the shelter. This woman, who created, along with Mary Rancourt and some others, the animal shelter here on Orcas, was recently “let go” by the shelter board because she refused to back down on her request that the shelter staff members be paid a living wage. The shelter has the funds for this, but refused to release them.

The board then released a false statement to the papers saying that Marsha “resigned,” which was not at all the case. She was, “let go,” and not by her wishes. The board then replaced her with someone from off-island with no experience of this community. I bare her no ill will and feel for the situation into which she’s been thrust.

I have written to each board member more than once asking for some explanation, and have been, across the boards, ignored. No response. No accountability. Nothing.

This is so high-handed and irresponsible on the part of the board, whose job must be, among other things, to consider the impact of what happens at the shelter on the community it serves.

I urge anyone who understands the contribution Marsha has made to this community, to contact the board members to let them know that what they have done is wrong and unacceptable.

Jane Alden