School bond is a waste of money

“It’s only.” “It’s only.” “It’s only.” “It’s only a tiny increase but think of the good it will do.” That’s the common statement you hear from government, the county and the schools whenever they want to get into your pocket for more dollars.

How many times do we have to keep increasing the percentage we pay for any government or school service? Do you realize that this huge school bond will increase your property taxes by 12%? Yes – 12%! That my friends is no tiny increase!

A new building or new equipment never made a good student. Think back to your school days; the classes you got the most out of and that really made a difference in your life were taught by really good teachers who inspired you. It didn’t make a difference if you were in a tent, a ratty old building or a little two room school house; it was the teacher who encouraged you to learn and make something of yourself that was important.

This huge multi-million dollar bond issue (that will cost almost twice the stated amount over the life of the payments) is a total waste of money. School enrollment is declining (and has steadily been doing so since I moved here 25 years ago), with computers and video systems schooling is also moving outside the classroom and the bottom line – it is way too much money for so few students.

Robert L. Waunch