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I believe in the power of a child’s education. I believe in choices for all of our island’s children. Did you know that OISD’s public Montessori program is in danger of being phased out immediately with little notice to the community?

We all may not want our kids in Montessori, but our kids deserve choices. This community funded the Montessori program 15 years ago and we have not seen one fact put forth that it affects children negatively. The most comprehensive study of Montessori in public schools proves Montessori students have greater success in academic outcomes and positive behavior (Riley Institute, 2018). Data shows it’s effective for low-income students and second-language learners. As a member of the newly formed MAPS coalition (Montessori Advocacy for Public Schools), I am asking the school to retain the first- through third-grade Montessori classroom for one more year, during which time parents can partner with the administration and teachers to study what’s best for our children’s future. The community wants Montessori and alternative learning methods. Over 50 people attended the last school board meeting and 16 spoke in favor of retaining the Montessori classroom.

The board will convene a special meeting on June 18 at the cafeteria, after which Superintendent Eric Webb will make his recommendation. We ask you to attend and voice your support; it is critical that the school district hears from you. Despite parents and students loving the program and there often being a wait list, the administration and teachers believe the Montessori classroom should be cut. We are committed to supporting our wonderful, hardworking school district as it enables current and future students to thrive through learning methods that work for each of them. Montessori in the public school demonstrates that our whole community is open-minded. What will be cut next? Farm-to-classroom? We need diversity. We need choices. The “pilot” phase was over long ago; Montessori in our public school has been a proven success for our children.

Please attend the meeting June 18, send your letter to and sign our petition at

Dana Thompson-Carver