Sare family thanks the community

It’s been said it takes a community to raise a child, but I don’t think it says in return that a child will touch the hearts of the community. Our community was a huge part in raising Hollie and the outpouring of support, love, prayers and offerings reflect what Hollie meant to everyone. For that alone a big thank you.

On April 16, 2010 we received the tragic news of our daughter’s passing. There is nothing that can be said that can truly describe the pain, heartache and emptiness that we felt and continue to feel. We have no idea how we could have possibly dealt with this situation without the community support that we received from our friends on Orcas Island. The St. Francis Catholic Church, along with the ladies and choir, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, the Community Church, the Orcas Christian School, Lyndsey Smith and too many other people to mention held us up with the most incredible support, love, prayers, food and more food, flowers, and I could go on and on.

Within hours of this tragedy, friends Carol and Kevin McCoy, Brad Harlow and Lyndsey Smith came to our house just to hang out. Many more, again too many to mention, showed up the next day. We had a constant stream of people coming over with flowers, cards, and offerings of help. Orcas Island, you are an amazing community! The love and support held this family up during our tragedy and farewell to Hollie. We are so very blessed to live among you. Words cannot express the pain we are experiencing or the daily efforts in functioning. There are so many of you that helped to lift that pain and continue to ease our everyday routine. Thank you for your prayers, contributions, visits, card, flowers, organizing and attendance in a beautiful celebration of Hollie.

We are forever thankful and blessed.

Jaye and Vicki Sare and Family

Orcas Island