Roundup and lead cause cancer | Letter

Because we are such a connected and aware community, I have always assumed that no one on Orcas would ever spray with cancer causing Roundup (glyphosates). The discovery of shelves full of it in the hardware stores was shocking. Sometimes, without realizing it, we cause our friends’ diseases, as well as our own.

I invite everyone living on this beautiful island and other San Juan Islands to stop using toxic pesticides of any kind, atrazine, glyphosates and so on…anywhere. And be weary of new ‘replacements’ too. Instead, learn organic ways of caring for your garden without giving cancer to yourself and to your neighbors, and brain damage to children.

To be clear, this is not a blame, but a wake up call and an invitation to care. It goes everywhere in the air and water too. I know people aren’t aware of the harm from these actions. Likewise, I never knew leaded gas was still in use; it is, mostly in small aircraft. The financial (read: greed) reasons for not changing the engines to using unleaded, do not justify giving cancer and brain damage to anyone. Please care: Stop putting toxins in the air, water and soil today. Thank you.

Naomi Aldort

Orcas Island