Response to ‘get out and vote’


I’d like to commend Jerry Reger on his unbiased get out and vote letter. I’d like to, but I can’t.

In one Democrat’s opinion; mine, there are at the very least three other differences between Democrats and Republicans that he failed to mention.

Democrats care more about global issues and what is best for the world and Republicans think more along party lines than they do about issues. Republicans openly think more about the wealthy than the middle working class which still wait for the trickle down to start trickling. Republicans look at war and the illegal occupation of a country as justifiable as long as the outcome is better than before the occupation. Democrats get angry at both parties for a war that after nine years is no better than when we started and is even worse, in my opinion. Again, in my own opinion the things that should be addressed go beyond party lines and that is how we should vote in November. We cause a ripple amidst the corrupt politicians if we vote for the person that best suits the position that best suits the people rather than along party lines that promise us the same benefits that only benefit the few. I will give Republicans one plus over Democrats: they fight harder and they never seem to give up.

So as Mr. Reger eloquently said, “vote any way you want but please vote.”

John Cook