Response to David Robinson’s letter to Matt Marinkovich on Covid

First, I would like to commend Mr. Robinson for writing his letter. We need to have a dialogue on this subject to heal the community and come to a consensus on the truth.

Mr. Robinson believes, in contrast to Mr. Marinkovich, that children will benefit from COVID vaccinations in general, at least indirectly, and does not believe that mainstream media is directed or censored on the subject of COVID-19. But if you disagree, say with what Mr. Robinson states, “that the vaccines vastly reduce infection, severe illness, and death,” you are, in fact, censored. You will be banned from social media and are simply not heard.

So, do the vaccines vastly reduce infection, severe illness and death? Well, I don’t think they vastly reduce infection because the situation has changed. This highly mutating virus has been so pressured by worldwide vaccination that the variants Delta and evermore so for Omicron have completely blown through both vaccines and natural immunity. (For more on this see Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly published medical scientist and leader in early COVID treatment).

Healthy children have statistically a zero chance of dying from COVID. The CDC has death at .00012% which includes children with underlying risk factors. Children will achieve natural immunity, which is 100% robust and long-lasting. Also, their innate immune antibodies will thrive and not compete with vaccines antibodies, protecting them from future COVID strains, and yes, protect grandma by acquiring herd immunity. (See Dr. Geert Vanden Bosshe at Now, what are the safety concerns with these vaccines on children? Myocarditis is probably at the top, which is heart inflammation caused by the induced production of the spike protein after taking the mRNA or viral vector vaccines. (See groundbreaking Sept. 2021 study published by Dr Tracey Hoeg, PhD and colleagues from University of Calif. Davis). Dr. Hoeg’s research found that teenage boys 12 to 17, are six times more likely to suffer heart problems due to the vaccine than being hospitalized because of the disease. The risk outweighs the benefit.

Russell Bolte

Friday Harbor