Response regarding: ‘Letters’ dirty showers | Letters

Because I have been a member of the Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years and Vice President for four of them the “Dirty shower” letter was really disappointing to me.

One of my areas of responsibility, when I was VP, was the opening, closing and maintenance of the Village Park shower complex. After reading the letter I went down to the park to see for myself.

It’s not easy to maintain a wide open, public facility for the local people and visitors as our Chamber does. They really do an exceptional job for all of us.

What I saw was current floor paint (under the showers in particular) that had worn down to reveal previous floor paintings. I did not find any mold. It just does not look new and perfect now that is the end of the season.

I believe it is finally time to make the tiling of the shower floors a Chamber priority. The long-term maintenance expense will more than pay for it. It would also be more in keeping with our beautiful little Village Park.

John Warsen

Lopez Farm Cottages & Tent Camping