Remember to be thankful for the islands

I’d just like to say something directed towards the people who have lived on these islands for some time now.

The next time you are on the ferryboat, sitting on your ocean-front porch, or just driving by the ocean, take a minute and look around. Pretend that this is the first time you are seeing what’s surrounding you. We who live here too often take for granted what we have. Not many people have the opportunities to see what we see every day, and live in such a beautiful community where no crimes are committed and everyone feels equally safe.

As a student, I think it’s great to be able to get an education in a community like this. I fear to go out into the “real world” after I graduate because I don’t want to leave the peace I feel every day here. To me, it feels amazing to see that there are no fast-food restaurants to stop at right before work or even a Starbucks. I truly hope that these islands stay the way they are for a very long time.

Again, we live in a beautiful place, and I want you to please take the time to realize this.

Sierra Frank

Orcas Island