Regarding Mr. Lambiel’s dilemma

I am disappointed that Mr. Lambiel has taken this issue so personally. At his site now stands a sign that addresses Ron Henrickson, assuming that the planning director “has it in for him” and drives by to check up on his property use. I’m sorry Mr. Lambiel, but you are focusing your energy in a very nonproductive way.

The ordinance that determined your sign was not in compliance with county regulations is where the issue really is. I hope you don’t think the planning department just thinks these things up in order to make your life more difficult. The fact is that the community is behind that ordinance. These things are proposed, presented, and debated before being implemented. Your elected officials approve ordinances. By way of electing commissioners and councilmen, the people who lived here approved this ordinance. It may have been approved without much debate or concern, but that does not make it any less accepted. This ordinance was here way before my time here in San Juan County. I accept it as part of what the island community wants for their environment. I choose to live here for many of those same ideals.

If you don’t agree with the rules and regulations, find a way to work for change. Building outside of the rules is unfair for the rest of us. It is very difficult to have sympathy for anyone who proceeds without researching the rules, or knowingly proceeds because they think they have the right. You do have choices. Get involved and work toward changing the rules in the place you choose to live, or abide.

Laura Zybas

Orcas Island