Rec district should preserve tennis courts at Buck Park

There was quite a bit of activity in July and August at the courts at Buck Park. There were many days with eight players on the courts and others waiting. The 10 or 12 local women who have been a year-round presence were out again regularly, and the Saturday and Wednesday pick up games were well attended. We were treated too by some very excellent players of all ages, who showed up from off-island.

The Orcas Island Tennis Association ran for all of July and a couple of weeks in August. There were over 15 different kids, ages 8-12, who showed up on a regular basis for the junior clinic. Many thanks to Thomas, Lydia, Beth, Liz and all others who helped put this together. It is our hope that this may hatch a group of young players.

There was also some maintenance done: patching of holes in the courts and doing some fence, net and bench repairs. The landscaping on the south end still goes on, there were seven or eight new trees planted. The washing of the playing surface was not done this year, due to the fact that the surface is now very worn and thin. The windscreens were not put up, we have only enough for one end, and they too are well worn.

The information in this letter is a call-out to the school, park and rec district, and the community to acknowledge that the courts at Buck Park are a resource used by the school, many members of this community and a good many visitors. The facility has been there a long time and is in need of some care, maintenance and upgrading. Perhaps it is now time to look into adding a third court on the asphalt between the courts and Mt. Baker Road. There are organizations out there which have funds for helping small communities with upgrading sports facilities, and we are pursuing that.

We encourage the park and rec people to step up and help us preserve this facility.

Joe Ciskowski

Orcas Island