Rec district is a needed solution

Orcas Islanders created the Orcas Island Park and Recreation District by a 72 percent majority in last November’s election. We elected five volunteer commissioners who over the last year worked tirelessly to build a realistic, operational model and supporting budget. The words transparent, fiscally responsible, collaborative, and comprehensive, are some that come to mind reflecting on what they have accomplished.

The Orcas Island Park and Recreation District is a needed solution. The County sponsored Orcas Rec Program is in its final days and the school isn’t in a financial position to continue support for Buck Park. Parks and recreation programs are important, fostering a safe and vibrant community. Youth sports, arts, and other structured activities help keep kids focused in a positive direction and ultimately lower juvenile crime rates while parks offer a safe setting for all to enjoy this beautiful island.

For the new district to be successful, the majority of its funding should be achieved through a levy. Relying solely on generous donations and grants is not sustainable. The levy will cost $5.00 a month for a home assessed at $600,000. At this sensible rate, we will be able to support a functioning program for all Orcas Islanders.

Vote yes for Orcas Island Park and Recreation, in doing so you are voting for the health and wellness of our kids and our community as a whole.

Kevin and Nancy O’Brien

Orcas Island