RE: editorial from July 26 edition | Letter

This is the first time I have to give a “rave” to the Journal (and Sounder) who actually dared to speak up against the ferry system and its lack of treatment toward islanders!

But don’t get me laughing on the fact it is also a hardship for Kevin Ranker – he will “soon” sit with the commission to get things sorted out! Yeah, right!

Then the Journal (and Sounder) reports in the Aug. 2 edition about the loss of business on the island due to the constant ferry interruptions! Meanwhile, WSDOT continues to haughtily apologize for the “inconvenience” to the public!

Just can that patronizing phrase, please! They have us by the short hairs and apologize – what a farce!

In addition, they try to be so “grown up,” using big words like “emergency service,” which makes a tourist feel all warm and fuzzy to want to rush right up to the islands! Here’s an idea: has ANYONE ever thought about it or made plans for what to do in case we are down to only four ferries as a fallback position, ESPECIALLY on a weekend, when NOBODY is in charge?

Is there anyone out there at WSDOT who has the guts to make a decision? Everyone seems too scared to call the shots – proving once again the inmates are in charge of the asylum!

And then in the same edition of the paper is the notice of the ferry fare increase, and that just about blew my gasket!! Are you freaking kidding me?

Bianca Vanderwal

Friday Harbor