Questions about UW Medicine | Letters

I agree. The UW might leave if the PHD is not established. It also might leave if the PHD is established, but the commissioners will cease (or reduce) funding it as a consequence of poor performance. If the PHD is not established, however, the public has no leverage to improve performance, and both UW and OFHC will most likely close as they have indicated.

The first “start-up” year of any new medical clinic is hard for everyone (patients and providers alike). We’ve heard ample concerns and complaints about UW services thus far. Given the first year experience of the UW clinic on our island, the question I would like UW to answer is this: What things (specific services and attributes) is the UW Clinic committed to improving that would make voting to establish a public hospital district a wise investment?

I think everyone on the island wants access to good primary care that includes after-hours urgent care in coordination with our EMS services. As islanders, we know how to work together to navigate choppy waters. We just need to know that everyone on board is rowing in the same direction.

Tom Eversole

Orcas Island