Proposed fireworks ban goes too far

Fireworks are already illegal. The proposed ban takes away safe and sane fireworks, which are only allowed one day of the year, anyway.

Reject the ban, and declare you are for safety and sanity, as practiced with parents and their children at family picnics on only one day per year. These are not firecrackers and M80s. These are things that go snap crackle and pop. Like Rice Crispies.

The way this ban was written it was designed to confuse you into thinking that dangerous fireworks have run amok in the San Juans. It makes no mention that they are against the law already, and does not admit that its goal is to take away safe sane family fun. This ban was crafted without public knowledge or comment, and it’s opposition is grass-roots support by local families.

If you are for this, you might as well ban the BBQ grill, which is hot, and might set off a spark. Better yet, no matches on the islands! They make fire, y’know!

Reject the ban on safe and sane fireworks. Vote no.

Bob Rivers

Orcas Island