Petition for island specific waste management

To the Editor:

There is a petition being circulated on Orcas Island that supports the concept of island specific waste management policies. Its intention is to insure that we maintain a waste policy and facility on Orcas that will allow us to most appropriately recover and reuse our natural and non-renewable resources, now and in the future when shipping our salvageable, compostable, reusable materials 300 miles to a landfill will be economically as well as ecologically even more obviously unsustainable and unjustifiable than it is today.

On a Monday morning this February well over 200 people showed up at the Orcas fire station to express their support for the concept of waste reduction programs like the Exchange. I believe they represent a much larger number of citizens who recognize the social, economic and ecological value of resource recovery.

The County Council is still looking for solutions to the solid waste crisis. It is critical that their solution allows island specific waste programs. Please look out for and sign this petition:


To: The Honorable members of the San Juan County Council

From: Citizens of the Orcas Island community


We support the Energy and Resources portion of the Declaration of Vision and Commitment (Section A: County Comprehensive Plan) which states:

“Our community fosters resource and energy conservation. Energy independence is encouraged. Recycling, solid waste, and sewage treatment are managed within the confines of each island in an environmentally sound manner. Renewable natural resources are used on a sustainable basis. Nonrenewable resources are conserved wherever possible and practical”, and

We recognize that there are significant differences among our island communities regarding the character and level of solid waste services that are desired or feasible, and

We believe that the current county solid waste funding and management policies have proven inadequate in providing a level of service that reflects the needs and values of San Juan County’s distinct and separate communities, and

We citizens of Orcas Island have experienced and want to continue to have a solid waste facility where we can recover and reuse our material resources in a sustainable manner within our island community,


We, the undersigned, strongly urge you, in your review and formulation of solid waste funding and policy matters, to actively explore all options and means that will allow solid waste policy to be developed and implemented to reflect the values and specific needs of the Orcas Island community.



George Post, Olga