Park and Rec District is a good investment

Last year islanders created the Orcas Island Park and Recreation District. Now is our chance to vote yes to put funding behind the district so that it can benefit our community.

Our elected Parks and Recreation Commissioners have crafted a frugal budget that will allow us to oversee a recreation program for island kids and adults. Also, it will maintain the facilities needed for adults and children to play tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, and football and to skateboard.

Voting yes for the levy to support the Orcas Island Recreation District is a good investment. Numerous studies have shown that children that stay busy with organized athletic activities are less likely to get in legal trouble. Studies also have shown that routine exercise also keeps adults healthy and helps us live longer. Whether its parents talking on the sideline of a kids baseball game or adults coming together to play a pick-up soccer game, people gathering together helps builds community.

Having good facilities and organized activities will benefit our island kids and adults and will provide ample opportunities for people to meet, play together and pursue activities that are good for the health of people individually and for the health of our community. When you get your November ballot, vote yes to fund the Orcas Island Parks and Recreation District.

Joe Gaydos and Julie Brunner

Orcas Island