Paper airplane contest thank you | Letter

The Kiwanis Club has put on the paper airplane contest for the last 23 years, but our club is dwindling in membership, and age is catching up with our existing members. After last year’s contest, we looked to find a group to take the contest over. The Orcas Island High School Key Club said they would.

When I walked into the high school gym on Saturday, March 9, I was so impressed with what the Key Club had set up for the contestants. Paper was out on the tables, rules were set out and all the supplies were out. They even had baked goods for the kids. The Key Club was so organized. Even though there was a small group of contestants, I think everyone had a great time. I know I did.

I hope the Key Club will continue to sponsor the contest next year and more years beyond. I can’t thank the Key Club enough for their wonderful airplane contest. It’s a learning process. Thanks, Key Club – you did a fantastic job.

George Garrels

Retired Paper Airplane Chairman