Letters To The Editor

Thank you for finding car keys

A great big thank you to the person who found the keys…

  • May 12th, 2010

Montessori auction wildly successful

We wanted to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to…

  • May 7th, 2010

Victim of house fire thanks the community

I would like to thank all the wonderful people for their kindness,…

  • May 7th, 2010

Invest in bike lanes, not gas

According to the May 3 New York TImes, the best estimate for…

  • May 6th, 2010

Restaurants helping out Haiti

Helping Hands Noramise would like to sincerely thank the following Orcas Island…

  • May 3rd, 2010

Don’t harm the swallows

Hooray! The swallows are returning! Many people think of swallows only as…

  • May 3rd, 2010

Sare family thanks the community

It's been said it takes a community to raise a child, but…

  • May 3rd, 2010

Live from Rose Street: come to May 10 Orcas library board meeting

With all of the board meetings clamoring to be attended on Orcas…

  • May 3rd, 2010

Catherine Pederson has been an inspiration

This coming Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon in performances at Orcas Center,…

  • May 3rd, 2010

Thank you for supporting our elders

The Senior Center Advisory Committee would like to give a huge “Thank…

  • Apr 29th, 2010

Chris Brems designed “Gypsy” set pieces

The wonderful "Gypsy" set pieces, and proscenium, that were moved on and…

  • Apr 28th, 2010

Corrections to agricultural water transfers story

We would like to provide corrections to the April 21 story Council…

  • Apr 28th, 2010

Orcas School Board seeks more dialog, committee members as school bond work continues

Last Sunday, 27 community members got together in three homes to talk about the school bond. Those “coffees” were just one step in the school board’s effort to seek input about the bond since the election in February.

  • Apr 28th, 2010

Thanks for help with Orcas Lions Health Screening

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the many individuals who contributed their time and effort to make the Lions Health Screening on April 21 and 22 possible – more than 175 man hours went into this project!

  • Apr 28th, 2010

Work hard to clear Scotch Broom from your yard

You may not even know you have this pernicious plant on your property, or regard it as too pretty to remove. The flower is beautiful, but goes to seed all too soon, the seed pods pop open (as many as 18,000 per plant), and are distributed by many different means. The seeds can remain inactive for as long as 30 years!

  • Apr 28th, 2010

Orcas Center ‘saved’ large funeral service

Orcas Center, what a wonderful gift you are to the community!!! We know all the great entertainment you offer us and our lives here are better for that. Do we on Orcas stop to realize how lucky we are to have the facility to use? You saved our day Friday. The Catholic Church had an extra large funeral service. We have a small building and it was impossible to plan a reception to follow. The generous response for use of the Orcas Center was the “saving grace” of a very difficult occasion. Because of you it was possible for the family and friends of Hollie Sare to gather after the service in a beautiful place for their final farewell. Thank you for being there and being so supportive of our situation.

  • Apr 28th, 2010

Orcas Prevention Town Hall Meeting was successful

On Wednesday, April 21, 65 adults and teens came together for the Prevention Town Hall Meeting. A yummy chili and cornbread supper and a night of lively discussion and sharing was made possible by dedicated volunteer members and Partner Organization leaders of the Orcas Island Prevention Partnership Coalition. Big thanks go to the organizing committee of Jean Henigson, Carol Vincent Hall, Sara Lyle, Barbara Skotte, Julie Pinardi, Candace Bodenhamer, Moriah Armstrong and Julie Pinardi. These ladies preplanned, helped publicize, extended invitations and pitched in on the evening with food, set up and clean up. Also contributing to these efforts were Tony Pinardi and Kyle Hall and many of the participants, who stayed after and made it all that much quicker and easier! Diane Berreth graciously served as moderator, and Laura Trevellyan, Pete Moe, Barbara Skotte, Margie Sabine, Sarah Davis, Lindsey Anderson, Bobbi Lowry, Margie Doyle, Steve Gresham, Kyle Hall and Carol Vincent-Hall and Iris Parker Pavitt were our table facilitators.

  • Apr 28th, 2010

6 tips for motorists to share the road with bicyclists

Last week I wrote about cyclists and tips for safe cycling on the roadway. Motorists, it is your responsibility to share the road with cyclists and other vehicles on the roadway. Motorists and bicyclists in Washington have exactly the same rights, rules and responsibilities in sharing the road. Tips for motorists:

  • Apr 26th, 2010

Trees vs. public safety

As someone who has made trees a life-long part of my professional…

  • Apr 23rd, 2010

Support for John Bogert for OPALCO board

Our islands have a growing interest in renewable energy technologies. Knowing our…

  • Apr 21st, 2010

Culinary Season About to Begin

Children's House is a preschool early learning center serving Orcas Island families…

  • Apr 21st, 2010

May is National Bike month

May is National Bike Month. I realize that for many of you…

  • Apr 21st, 2010

Letters | April 21 Edition

Thank you, Colton, for changing OrcasHey, Colton, if you read the Sounder,…

  • Apr 20th, 2010

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A message from an OPALCO board candidateOPALCO is the only organization in…

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John Bogert for OPALCO Board of DirectorsI write this as an open…

  • Apr 6th, 2010

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Seniors: please mail in your census formsMost people on the island have…

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Sundays at the librarySundays are hopping on Rose Street.For the past two…

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Support for school bond and levyAs president of OEA, the Orcas Education…

  • Mar 18th, 2010

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Raising fees could result in illegal trash dumpingI am writing concerning your…

  • Mar 18th, 2010

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Thank you, Exchange supportersRarely do we get the opportunity to witness and…

  • Mar 18th, 2010

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Camp Orkila raises $47k for scholarshipsDo you ever wonder where the money…

  • Mar 18th, 2010

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The Exchange helps in more ways than oneI was recently at a…

  • Mar 18th, 2010

Letters | Mar. 10 edition

Response to “The sign ordinance is not working”I would like to express…

  • Mar 18th, 2010

Letters | March 17 edition

Colton Harris-Moore should serve as a warningThe story of Colton Harris-Moore is…

  • Mar 18th, 2010

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Slow down on island roadsTwo weeks ago Gary Bauder wrote about losing…

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We are not in Puget SoundAs I read the latest Sounder I…

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Response to Santa letterTo Joe Reigler:It was with great excitement that I…

  • Jan 19th, 2010

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Proof that Santa Claus exists This morning we were backing out of…

  • Jan 4th, 2010

Letters | Dec. 16 edition

Catch Orcas Treasures at the centerBe sure to drop into Orcas Center…

  • Dec 28th, 2009