Our cemeteries deserve respect

We have three cemeteries on Orcas Island, the Olga Cemetery is under private ownership, Woodlawn and Mt. Baker Cemeteries are both being managed within a tax district.

Woodlawn and Mt Baker Cemeteries were established around 1890, and so much care has been given over the years, mostly done on a volunteer basis.

The commissioners would like to remind the public that the district needs to be contacted about all activities relating to cemetery business. This will help us to continue to keep accurate records of all burials and headstone placement.

You may find information on Woodlawn and Mt. Baker Cemeteries in the reference section of the Orcas Library and on their website. You may also send an e-mail to our current clerk at: woodlawncemetery@rockisland.com or by calling 472-1573.

Should you have any information on the recent graffiti on Woodlawn Cemetery concrete wall, “ HEVS, RIP,” please contact the Sheriff Department.

Cemeteries are a part of our community and a place of remembrance, history and respect.

Thank you.

Cemetery Commissioners

Pierrette Guimond

Joyce Nigretto

Niki Berdan