Open letter to Councilperson Cindy Wolf

While there may be parts of this situation I’m not privy to I want to give you my opinion based on the information you supplied.

I was alerted of your proposal to replace Steve Smith from the SJI planning commission for alleged misstatement of facts and insulting conduct. I have known Steve for several years and have always enjoyed his attention to detail and ability to grasp what’s important in an issue.

To get an informed idea of your complaint, I have watched and rewatched the Planning Commission’s April 15 meeting and binge-watched the rest. I found Steve Smith to be an articulate, educated and informed gentleman at all times. I can only deduce from your actions that you do not agree with what he has to say or are overly sensitive to his facts or suggestions.

Intolerance of other people’s views is not a good look for any governing group much less the one we all voted for. Are we to believe the free exchange of information and ideas is to be looked down upon by the SJC Council?

The way to defeat opinions you don’t agree with is by argument and persuasiveness… not by trying to make them disappear.

Please reconsider your actions.

Bruce Wilson

Orcas Island