One World Music thank you | Letter

The One World Music Express came through Orcas and delighted many listeners this year, thanks to our many volunteers.

We would like to thank Phil Burbo, Lisa Spesard, Keith Light, Kevin Colomby, Bethany Marie, Jim Shaffer-Bauck, Moriah Claus, Christopher Dolan, Rosie Kuhn, Kristen Wilson and Rachel Bishop. Housing for musicians, Chantelle and Foster Hildreth, Paul and Tammy Pollard, Grace McCune and Sallie Bell. Supporting businesses, The Catkin Cafe, The Office Cupboard, Orcas Issues, Islands’ Sounder, Rainbow Services, Island Market and Orcas Village Store. Musicians, Joel Gamble, Cohan Boyz (Jeffrey and Tate Cohan), BroGrass (Tashi and Kaj Litch), Almost Classical (Lisa and Emy Carter, Paris Wilson), Larry Murante, Orcas Choral Society, Jaz Lund, Stormy Hildreth, Chuck Deardorf, Lonnie Mardis and Brian Kirk. Orcas Center, Brian Kemp, Susannah Weaver and Deborah Sparks as well as our sincere appreciation to Orcas Open Arts, Donna Laslo.

See you next year!

Martin Lund

Orcas Island