One happy customer | Letter to the Editor

It was shaping up to be one of those bad days: we’ve been trying to locate a water leak for days, my niece’s car wasn’t working so I loaned her mine to get to work. (the other car needed re-licensed but was in my late husband’s name so not easy to do.) And I had a doctor’s appointment I needed to not miss. A friend had given me a card for ISLAND RIDES so I called them.

They picked me up, at home. I arrived in time for my appointment and the driver was waiting for me when it was over. The driver asked me if I needed to go to the market or post office before going home, as in talking she learned my niece works late hours. How thoughtful!

The trip was a delight. The driver was pleasant, courteous AND masked. The car was clean and safe (not like some of the old “taxis” on the island years ago). The fare was by donation so within my budget.

I highly recommend ISLAND RIDES for anyone – not just seniors. You never know when you might need a ride. This is a service Orcas has long needed. Apparently, SJI has had this service and it works well for them. Give it a try!

Jean Wellington