No on school levy | Letters

We’ve all heard the reasoning for the betterment of the existing field which comes along with gifted Henigson track, which I guess comes along with the much-needed repairs for the school with one of these actually, in my opinion, being a necessity for the students. We all want what’s best for our children and community but there’s some of us that feel, they must still say no! And sadly because of this tight community and spin, feel fearful or ashamed to speak out! So let’s just say this is my opinion and I refuse to be intimidated when my logic still tells me NO!

Being retired from the local service industry here I know first-hand how the cost of living along with the financial struggles keep rising while the profit in the pocket, keeps going the other way. And with that being said, in honesty, we’d still happily vote yes if logic told us to, and gladly struggle a little more. However my logic starts and ends, if we don’t build a system to support the service industry here on the island first, they will leave; not, if we build it they will somehow come!

Globally we are in for a climate worsening, and on the islands from October thru May, we’re continually getting wetter! So, no matter how much drainage we provide the amount of rainfall along with smoke-filled skies and outside sports won’t be able to coexist! Shortly coming next, again, in my opinion, a replacement of everything, this time with an 8 million dollar roof over once again, a brand new field! But again, with all of that being said, the logic still says, if we don’t raise the hourly wages in the service industry to meet the cost of housing following those forced to sell, the more monetarily affluent will be buying these old family homes, bulldozing the land, building and still furthering a diverse society with fences. Then, which is not intended as a prediction but an opinion, importing the help or build in cheaper and cheaper apartments furthering our diversity, in turn lessening our respect for one another. My logic also says we’re raising the ferry fees along with we’ll soon be raising the cost of fuel and groceries, causing more to leave. However, as we all know, what will happen always does and the welfare of our Orcas family always comes first!

John Cook

Orcas Island