Nix the street lights, put in speed bumps | Letter

One of the advantages of living on Orcas Island is the stars at night and the peaceful ambiance. It would be a shame for those of us who live in and around Eastsound to be deprived of these natural wonders because of added lighting and speeding traffic.

Speed is and has been a problem, especially on Prune Alley. Drivers see it as a thruway, a street, because it has less business and traffic controls than North Beach Road, is one were they can travel at a higher speed unimpeded through Eastsound. The added noise and vibration do not only disturb our peaceful village, speeding traffic is a danger to the many residents and visitors who use Prune Alley to get about. People walk with their children and walk their pets here. Seniors (long house), some with impaired mobility, use it regularly.

Speed bumps are effectively used to slow down speeding vehicles in residential areas. Why can’t we do that here? Three (gentle) speed bumps with traffic signs strategically placed along Prune Alley would make a big difference. After a short time, drivers would know they were present and automatically slow down before reaching them. For a small investment, a problem could be solved without the need for more expensive solutions, such as lighting, and keep Eastsound safe and peaceful.

A former resident of Prune Alley lobbied for this some years ago. Though the idea was well-received, it seems to have been dropped. It’s time to pick it up again!

Jackie Hoag