Local change should be beneficial | Letter

What is change? Whenever someone is critical or opposed to the latest batch of less-than-appealing rows of vacation rentals, or airport expansion, or the new waterfront park at the landing, the retort is some people just never want anything to change.

I think that’s a dodge to justify certain kinds of development. I’m personally for changes. I just want it to be the kind that benefits the health and well being of the community as a whole. I would like to see money devoted to subsidizing children’s dental insurance (as AppleCare is no longer available to some 300 kids). I’d love to see that running track at the high school. It would be great to have a bigger public swimming pool. How about better bicycle lanes and a good public transportation system.

If the data can support the claim that safety issues require expansion of the airport, I might support low-impact measures. But so far the argument seems to be that I can get my Amazon.com order faster. I’m a devotee of Amazon, but I don’t think moving Mt. Baker Road in order to get my salad spinner on Wednesday instead of Friday exactly qualifies as a necessity.

Progress and change are fine. However, it needs to be beneficial, in my opinion. Bigger is not better, more is not better – unless it’s more clean air, water and unsullied open spaces.

Lisa Murphy

Orcas Island