Living life with intention | Letters

The Pacific Northwest produces incredible fresh produce, giving us the opportunity to eat local, and stay away from those fruits and vegetables that have traveled far too many miles to make an appearance on our table. Though the winter months take more planning and patience, this is an important lifestyle practice to adopt, for our collective consumption of out-of-season produce has had serious repercussions on the world, including the destruction of subsistence agriculture in many countries of origin, an astronomical carbon footprint, and negative health impacts associated with herbicides, pesticides and dirty produce.

It is imperative that we continue to question the standard practices of our society and watch as our own habits create positive impacts all across the globe. There is no reason to take our modern lifestyle as the only way of living. We control our individual actions, no one else can eat our food, or walk in our shoes. We must remember that we are strong, and we can survive with less, and might just enjoy the purpose and sense of belonging that living with intention brings.

Josh Culp

Deer Harbor