Leaving a legacy

Dear Community,

We are looking for people interested in leaving a legacy. One that is long overdue and much needed in our time. We are a group looking to our elders to answer the call of our vision to live in community and tend the land — where we view ourselves not as owners of it, but as stewards. A place where we can invest long term and focus on the health and well-being of future generations. Needless to say, but it must be said — we don’t want to leave them a dying planet. We are the next generation of leaders, and eventually elders ourselves. We feel our responsibility to make something of our lives that is worth passing on to the children, yet we are trying to gain a foothold, and need your support to do so.

We are not financially wealthy, yet our dedication to land, community and mentoring the next generation that will be ours to guide is priceless. We have found our value is even stronger together, as well as the dynamic areas that we are each skilled in.

Ask yourselves…

Do you have acreage/homestead/farm to “gift forward” or sell it at a low price to make it workable for us to purchase it?

Do you desire to invest in a more sustainable future and leave this life more peacefully knowing your land goes to a group of folks committed to that goal?

We are all aware of the issues that younger and working folks are facing in trying to be here. We can no longer deny the housing and affordability crisis happening here. If you want us to stay, we need your help.

If you feel you can answer this call, please contact us: welcomehomesteadsji@gmail.com

Serious inquiries only. We don’t want to get our hopes up if you’re wanting or needing to make a profit from the sale or transfer of land to secure your retirement or inheritance to your family.

Thank you for considering.

With love and kindness from those trying to bridge the generation gap.

Ally Rugge

Friday Harbor