Lange for hospital commissioner | Letters

Please take a few minutes to learn about Art Lange, who is an ideal candidate for commissioner of the Public Hospital District. This is not a program for a hospital, but it is a program to ensure that citizens of Orcas Island have primary and urgent care health services in the future.

Art will work to ensure that all members of our community have access to high-quality primary and urgent care medical service. Art is dedicated to being fiscally responsible with taxpayer money. Art has earned a solid reputation of responsible fiscal management working for many organizations in our community. He will work with all existing and future primary/urgent care practices that meet the needs of Orcas islanders.

Art Lange is a reliable and dependable member of the health team that will resolve problems and reach a responsible consensus.

This gentleman has superior knowledge of the Orcas Island health care program and a solid relationship with other organizations. In the past he owned a management consulting company for 35 years. He has worked with many hospitals and health care organizations to develop strategic plans and annual budget plans.

Art is currently on the finance committee for the Orcas Island Community Foundation. He is also a member of Coalition for Orcas Health Care, the citizens group that supports approval of the PHD. He has worked for eight years as volunteer to assist three chiefs of Orcas Fire and Rescue and Emergency Medical Service to prepare strategic plans and operational plans. He was on the Orcas Medical Foundation Board for eight years and served six years as trustee on the Orcas Center Board.

We have known Mr. Lange during the 13 years that he has lived and worked on Orcas Island and strongly support his election as a commissioner of the Public Hospital District. You can trust Art.

Thomas & Karen Ritter

Orcas Island

After 27 years on Orcas Island, watching Art Lange work with multiple non-profit organizations and governing boards, we can say without hesitation that Art is the hardest-working, most open-minded, consensus-building community leader we’ve known.

To say that Art always does his homework is an understatement. He pores over relevant information with a researcher’s determination to make sure his comments or conclusions are factually based, fiscally sound and logical. Sometimes Art’s careful preparation uncovers innovative solutions. Sometimes it simply reveals the most sensible options available.

Either way, it leads to efficient and trustworthy decision-making.

On the subject of how our current medical practices might work within a public hospital district, Art has been committed for some time to finding a mutually agreeable solution for shared after-hours and weekend coverage by Orcas Fire and Rescue and the practices. So he has a head start in understanding their needs and expectations, which will be key to achieving affordable, year-round, 24/7 medical care on island.

Not only do we believe Art Lange will be a strong commissioner, we believe all of the PHD Commissioners will benefit, and the commission itself will be stronger if Art Lange is elected.

Ed and Kristen Wilson

Orcas Island

Madie and I have known Art Lange for more than 10 years and found him to be fair, considerate of others, generous, very intelligent and an excellent fisherman. I know this personally as Art and I have shared five years together on the Orcas Medical Foundation Board, we’ve travelled the last seven summers to British Columbia to fish, bringing Art’s grandson on several occasions. We’ve also spent many hours in deep discussions while soaking pots for shrimp and crabs. Art cares about people and their well—being … fundraising multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars to help keep the Medical Center afloat. He helped raise funds from the members of our community to provide care for the uninsured and underinsured who came to the Medical Center and also through a grant he sponsored from OICF that funded this need at all three medical practices on the island.

We admire his fairness and ability to dig deep for answers on many island challenges – passage of the hospital district being very high on that list. He is committed to making sure the District will be led by a dedicated and informed group of commissioners, and his involvement with the Orcas Health Care Coalition has armed him with valuable knowledge about how the district should perform.

Art saw the dismal future for the three practices on the island as the primary philanthropic financial support was no longer sustainable or predictable, and he knew that when Island Hospital decided not to continue working with the medical center, passage of a hospital district was crucial to keeping primary and urgent medical care available to everyone on Orcas Island.

Please join us in voting for the public hospital district and for Art Lange as Commissioner No. 3.

Rollie Sauer and Madie Murray

Orcas Island