Josh Culp for school board | Letters

Hello Orcas Island! My name is Josh Culp and I am happy to call this island home. In 2008, I departed the island to attain the skills and education needed to become a successful businessman in the world of professional sports. The more I learned, witnessed and experienced at the University of Oregon, the more I realized this goal was selfish and irresponsible. To make money blindly will more often than not cause personal harm, harm to others and long-term harm to the planet. Upon returning to Orcas Island, my personal goals have shifted into a focus driven by the collective good, our shared life here on the island. I now hope to successfully become an OISD director. Being active in our community is a rewarding and enjoyable way to spend your time. Our future depends on our immediate actions, and as a director I will work to provide resources and access to the correct knowledge, leading to the continued maturation of our youth, and providing the skills needed to become helpful, intelligent and well-rounded individuals.

The world is no longer a place for harmful behavior; we have no time to waste. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you will ask yourself what your role in our community is. We are all inherently great, our potential is endless, and we desperately need each other to be the brilliant humans that we have been working so hard to become. Thank you!

Josh Culp

Orcas Island