Islands Sounder Letters to the Editor | Sept. 3

Comment: Tom Tillman said it best. The loss of Rosario Resort as a viable business will devastate the local economy and many of the working-class families that depend on income from the jobs the resort represents.

Comment: Tom Tillman said it best. The loss of Rosario Resort as a viable business will devastate the local economy and many of the working-class families that depend on income from the jobs the resort represents.

It seems laughable to me that the County Council is now expressing dismay over this development. Where was this sentiment during the nearly seven year process that Olympus went through to get the Master Plan approved – which should not have taken more than two to three years while the Council threw obstacle after obstacle in the way of approval? Where was this sentiment while the Council pandered to a small but very vocal group of “local” (local only in the sense that they built their million-dollar vacation and retirement homes on Orcas) wealthy folks who didn’t want Rosario to renovate or expand operations because of the increase in traffic and tourists that would have resulted? Well in the end that small but very vocal group has gotten their way and now Rosario and the hundreds of jobs it represents to the local economy will be gone. They will get their peace and quiet.

Citizens, you need to ask yourselves who your Council actually represents, because the fact that the situation has come to a public auction of the Resort with absolutely no guarantee of continued operation or development, rests right smack on their doorstep. They have done this to you and you should hold them accountable.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost their jobs, and their families. People are going to lose their homes and the lives they have worked so hard to build because of this, and many will have to leave the island we all love, all because of the short-sightedness of the Council and some wealthy activist retirees.

I will close with the following question: what is the Council going to do now to help those displaced by the result of the Council’s actions–or more precisely, inaction?

Daniel Tidrington

Tidrington, an Orcas Island resident for 12 years, now lives in Indiana.

“Outlaw” movie thanks

Thanks so much to all who attended the August 17 Orcas Premiere of “Outlaw Dreams,” benefitting the Orcas High Viking and Orcas Christian School football programs, some flying in from hundreds of miles away to be a part of the celebration. Thanks also to those who couldn’t attend, but bought tickets anyway in support! We raised nearly $1,500 for two wonderful programs.

Huge “ups” to the Seaview Theater for their amazing hospitality, especially Ingrid, John and Dave. Mark O’Neill, you are a genius and a lifesaver! And mostly to Mike Parnell for putting it all together. Darvills is carrying the DVD and a portion of all Orcas sales go to support Island Football. Now get out there this fall and cheer on those Vikes!

Friends always,

Howie and Heather Klausner

Franklin, Tenn. (formerly of Orcas Island)

Global cooling

A brief update on this counter-global-warming summer season on Orcas.

Brrrrrrrr. Its 5 p.m. on an August Sunday, and the temperature has peaked at just 61 degrees! This is yet another example of so many of our summer days being 10-15 degrees below normal temps this season. And this cool summer follows a record cold spring season, which followed a rather uninspiring winter. What will the autumn season bring? Inquiring minds need to know.

I’ve done some in-depth investigation and believe I’ve found out the root cause of this emerging ice age. It certainly seems to be directly related to the sudden appearance of so many Prius hybrid cars! Scores and scores of these sneaky-quiet global coolers are running around Orcas Island sucking the heat right out of the air. The more Prius we have here the lower the temperature gets! And they just keep arriving.

No longer are Prius merely the awkward-looking statements of political correctness that board directors of obtuse non-profits smugly strut around in. No, I even know hard working guys that own and drive them as if they were their regular cars! One of my odd-job poker buddies just bought a second Prius, and a used one at that! He has no pride what-so-ever. It’s no wonder that the climate is so far off kilter around here.

I’ve entered this compelling anecdotal data into the Apocolyptic Climate Change Extrapolation Exaggerator (ACCEE) computer model that’s been so popular with the consensus-based “science” crowd. And, well, it’s not looking so hot anymore.

The odds of enjoying our usual spectacular Indian – errr – Native American summer this autumn are not at all good, either. There are simply too many of the stingy fuel-sippers lurking about. We’ve likely already reached that dreaded apocalyptic climate-change tipping point and might never again enjoy warm days or a balmy evening! Basically, we’re doomed.

While it’s going to be great mileage for the enlightened few and lovely weather for the polar bears, it certainly looks to be a long cold winter for the rest of us. Oh, well.


Mike Stolmeier


Thank you from Candidate Kayl

Thank you, to my community, for showing your support by voting for me in the Primary Election. It means a lot to me that so many of you sat at your kitchen table and colored in the box next to my name. Thank you for your trust and enthusiasm.

I have learned a great deal about what it means to be an elected official. I have learned that it is vitally important for the voters to express their opinion. An elected official must know the opinions and desires of those they represent in order to adequately represent their community. As a candidate, during these next few months, I will be seeking out your opinions, concerns and desires. I will promote and invite community dialogue on what you think is or isn’t working in our local government, and with your help I will strive to find the solutions.

It was a close race for second place on election night. At one point I only had an 11 vote lead over Bruce Orchid. Please be aware that in a local election every vote matters. If there was a problem with your ballot, please contact San Juan County Elections Department at 378-3357 or on-line at It will take 30 days for any changes to be in effect so act soon.

Mindy Kayl


Vehicles first

With all the congestion in and around Orcas Village….could someone please explain to me, why all the vehicles are not unloaded first, then the foot traffic and cyclers last.

I know this is not the total solution to the many problems regarding the Orcas Village Plans but the vehicles unload and move out faster. Rather than having people walking off, or bycycling off congesting the area even further and then adding cars and trucks to the mix seems insane to me. Let alone, extremely dangerous to all!

Carol Perkins


To Darlene:

Like so many others on our island, I am stunned and shocked by your unexpected death. When you and I chatted at the Book Fair just a couple of weeks ago, your youthful, vivacious enthusiasm was so evident, and now to have you be suddenly gone…..

You had such a huge positive effect on people that there is now a deep sense of loss throughout our community. Yet all is not lost; you continue to inspire many of us, albeit vicariously. I for one, now wake up more appreciatively aware; I spend more time smelling the flowers, listening to the birds, petting the cats, feeling the heat of the sun and the cool of the rain, holding a loved one, and making renewed efforts to help spread the joy of life to others especially to the many youth who continue to benefit from your astounding work at The Funhouse.

Your candle didn’t burn very long, but its wonderful glow spread enlightenment and warmth.

Thank you, Darlene.


Gregory Books