Homes for Islanders having permit problems

Please Orcas Island representatives, HELP US. This group of eight first time home buyers finally get a chance to build their own homes and if completed by Dec. 1, 2009 get a substantial tax rebate. But, even though the permit department has had our plans since November, now that we have signed the mortgages and begun building the forms to pour the concrete foundations, the county had decided to lay off half of the permitting staff. We are told we cannot get the permits to pour the cement for three weeks. We only have 37 weeks left to completely build eight houses. Please, anyone with any influence, help us! We are your local laborers: a dental assistant, an electrician’s helper, a school teacher, a house cleaner, a couple of firefighters, house painters and a hospitality worker.

We do not want to waste this time, so we are trying to build all the foundation forms but we do not have enough foundation form boards. We need about 40 large and 10 small boards for each house. We need enough for four more houses. Please, is there anyone out there who will be willing to let us borrow them while we are waiting to get permit permission to pour concrete? Please call our supervisor, Bruce Brackett at home: 376-5487, cell: 360-540-3621, or the job site: 376-1073.

The Homes for Islanders Team

Music Together

a wonderful experience

I have been fortunate in attending Mary (Wachter) Giampietro‘s “Music Together” class at The Funhouse since last spring when the first session started. My niece was not even one-year-old when we started attending, and her mother and I agree it has been a fantastic experience. There are many influences that determine the path a child follows – this is a good influence and a good path. It has been a joy to observe my niece and the other small ones as week by week they start connecting to rhythm and tone and movement. This musical adventure, shared in an open and free environment, is one that these children can continue for the rest of their lives. They may not all grow up to be musicians, but I bet they will relate to music on a deep level; they will dance, they will sing.

Freedom to learn and express ourselves in an accepting and joyful atmosphere, whether musically or otherwise, is part of the foundation of self confidence and self esteem. I can see it happening in these children week by week.

There are many gifts we can give a child. The gift of music is one of the most wonderful. I would encourage anyone with a child from infant to 5 years old to come to one of the demo classes or come observe one of our regular classes and see how much fun we are having. And I don’t just mean the babies are having fun. This has been a surprisingly joyful experience for me as well, and I look forward to each class as a high point of my week. The rush of endorphins beats any kind of therapy invented.

A new session starts Monday, March 30. I know money is tight right now but the value received makes this a bargain. If you have a small one or are a grandparent of a small one, come join us. We will sing a song to tell you how glad we are to see you.

Sandra Green

Orcas Island